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 Tracks are available from a wide range of places.  I’ve tried to make as many of the back catalogue easily available online through this website or linked to other stores where you can purchase.


Original Tunes

‘Nite Time‘ (En Plastique) Deleted
‘2People‘ (Echo / Plastic Raygun Amazon
‘Love and Evil‘ (Echo / Plastic Raygun) Amazon
‘Keep it Movin‘ Feat. MC Chickaboo (TCC / Plastic Raygun) Free!!



Jean Jacques Smoothie ‘J‘aime La Musique‘ (Hope Recordings) Amazon



Spec X-Ray – ‘Not Children of God‘ (Plastic Raygun) Deleted
Kirsty Hawkshaw – ‘Reach for Me‘ (Nettwerk) Juno
Sheethanger – ‘Livin‘‘ (Plastic Raygun) Deleted
Kylie Minogue – ‘In Your Eyes‘ (Parlaphone) Amazon
Rhinocerose – ‘Lost Love‘ (V2) Deleted
Starecase – ‘Faith‘ (Hope Recordings) 7 Digital
Maxwell Implosion – ‘Follow my Riddim‘ (Bungalow) Deleted
Alice Martineau – ‘The Right Time‘ (Sony) Deleted
Stereo De Luxe – ‘Favourite Radio‘ (KP Productions) Deleted
Stabilizer – ‘Bounce‘ (Plastic Raygun) Deleted
Dynamo Dresden – ‘Playtime‘ (MADA Music) Deleted




     * Goldie Lookin Chain – 21 Ounces

     * Goldie Looking Chain – Holiday

     * Goldie Lookin Chain – Time to Make a Change

     * Cella Dwellar Soundtrack – Animated short for S4C

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