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Jean Jacques Smoothie has had a huge hit in the UK that made him the most played artist on British radio for 6 consecutive weeks.

Jean Jacques Smoothie is a global breaks DJ.

Jean Jacques Smoothie is also a global house DJ.

It’s clear it’s been a very busy five years for the rather enigmatic Jean Jacques Smoothie. But let’s briefly jump back to 1996 where Mr Smoothie started off spinning dub and hip hop at the legendary Space Station in Cardiff with fellow breaks fans Phantom Beats and Captain Spec X-Ray. The Captain and the Smoothie, armed with two of the silliest names in DJ-dom head off around the world capturing hearts and minds alike. When he returned Smoothie decided to settle into a long period in the studio.

After a couple of sneaky releases on Plastic Raygun and some rather naughty bootleg style remixes 2People was launched upon a ravenously expectant public. The Minnie Ripperton sampling dreamy house vibe caught the ears of none other than legendary producer’s Mirwais (of Madonna-producing fame) and Mark Brydon (one half of Moloko) who took it under their wing and into their studios. A few months later and it was a smash UK hit, being used on adverts and driving everyone crazy with its infectious hook. What followed for Smoothie was a year of TV appearances, global DJ dates, remixes for Kylie Minogue and general VIP behaviour.

Ever since then it has been a mixture of DJing from (Moscow to Middlesbrough and Athens to Aberystwyth) and studio work. His remixes are highly prized and his knob twiddling skills have been utilised by Welsh rappers the Goldie Lookin Chain.

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